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About OWIA

In the past decade, industrial and service enterprises in offshore and onshore wind energy have developed rapidly at numerous locations along Germany’s North Sea and Baltic coasts. At the same time, regional industry networks have emerged that today in their overall growth and size reflect the rapid development of an entirely new industry.



OWIA is the advocate for roughly 450 businesses, institutes and organisations that are members of these four networks. OWIA is committed to representing their industrial and energy policy interests. Its members belong to the entire value chain – from project developers and operators to turbine manufacturers, suppliers, and related service providers.

OWIA believes that only a concerted effort can successfully provide for sustainable and reliable technical, regulatory, and economic conditions that ensure the continuance and accelerated development of Germany’s offshore wind industry, particularly on the North Sea and Baltic coasts. Since offshore wind energy has a place in both European and global markets, the German offshore industry can maintain its technological lead only through purposeful cooperation.

The formation of this alliance with large wind energy networks in northern Germany is an important step towards putting offshore wind power securely in place at the base of Germany’s energy turnaround. OWIA advocates the continuous, well-regulated and reliable installation of high-performance offshore wind turbines in the North and Baltic seas. Due to their high capacity utilisation and owing to excellent wind conditions, offshore wind farms significantly contribute to the stabilisation of energy systems.

It is the mission of OWIA to strongly focus the political message from northern Germany’s wind energy networks on the issue of offshore wind energy. The networks have equal footing in the OWIA; they act collectively and in partnership. Likewise, successful collaboration with the Offshore Wind Energy Foundation in close partnership is and will remain a vital strategy. OWIA is financed exclusively through funding from the participating networks.